Glen or Glenda? (transvestism and transsexuality 1953) – Directed by Ed Wood.

PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (science fiction 1959) – Directed by Ed Wood. Starring: “Vampira” and  Bela Lugosi.

THE ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE (a.k.a. “Matango”) (1963) – Another Japanese horror movie.

THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST (satire, comedy 1967) – A 1960’s hippie-era movie that lampoons the US government and The Telephone Company. Stars: James Coburn as the President’s analyst. Hilarious.

THE MONITORS (science fiction, satire 1969) – Produced by Bell & Howell and patterned after the SF novel “The Monitors” by Keith Laumer this movie lampoons the “establishment” of the 1960’s era. Psychedelic cinemagraphics in beginning and ending.

BRAIN CANDY (satire, comedy 1996) – A Canadian scientist working for a Pharmaceutical company invents a highly effective anti-depressive drug that becomes so popular it becomes the number one drug in the country. Unfortunately, the drug has some weird side-effects.

Keywords: English Course for Japanese speakers, weird movies, science fiction, horror, comedy. 日本人のための英語コース、奇妙な映画、サイエンスフィクション、ホラー、コメディ。


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