Interrogating Chekov (1986) HD

INTERROGATOR: Commander Pavel Chekov, Star Fleet, United Federation of Planets. Alright, Commander, is there anything you want to tell us? CHEKOV: Like what? INTERROGATOR: Like, who you really are, and what you’re doing here, and what these things are.

He picks up Chekov’s phaser then places it back down on the table.

CHEKOV: I am Pavel Chekov, Commander in Star Fleet, United Federation of Planets, Service Number 656-58217. INTERROGATOR: Alright, let’s take it from the top. The top of what? INTERROGATOR: Name. CHEKOV: My name? INTERROGATOR: No, my name! CHEKOV: I do not know your name! INTERROGATOR: You play games with me Mister, and you’re through! CHEKOV: I am? May I go now?
Interrogator turns to his assistant
INTERROGATOR: What do you think? ASSISTANT: He’s a Ruskie INTERROGATOR: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Of course he’s a Ruskie. But he’s some sort of retard or something. ASSISTANT: Better call Washington? CHEKOV: Don’t move! INTERROGATOR: OK, make nice. Give us the ray gun. CHEKOV: I warn you. If you don’t lay on the floor, I will have to stun you. INTERROGATOR: Go ahead, stun me. CHEKOV: I’m very sorry.

Chekov tries to fire the phaser but a sickly weak sound is heard indicating that the phaser is not functioning properly.

CHEKOV (embarrassed): Must be the radiation.

LONG SHOT view of a series of watertight doors.
Chekov is running through the hallway, then climbs stairs that lead to the main flight deck.


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