Not In His Nature (1986) HD


Spock is busily working on something. Dr. McCoy slowly walks up to Spock.

McCOY: You, ah. You present the appearance of a man with a problem. SPOCK: Your perception is correct, doctor. In order to return us to the exact moment we left the 23rd Century, I have used our journey back through time as a referent calculating the coefficient of elapsed time in relation to the acceleration curve. McCOY:That’s right. So, what’s your problem? SPOCK: Acceleration is no longer a constant! McCOY:Well, then you’re just gonna have to  take your best shot. SPOCK: (puzzled) Best shot? McCOY: Guess, Spock! Your best guess! SPOCK: Guessing is not in my nature, Doctor. McCOY:Well, nobody’s perfect.


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